Getting to The Bottom Line of Social Influential

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[Social Media Marketing]: Getting to The Bottom Line of Social Influential

“Social Media is not social… people are.”

The Technology, innovation and social media award winners that grace conference stages and headlines annually since 1990 have been the companies at the heart of the technology boom, the Mashables, Twitters, Klouts, and Apple size companies who create gadgets, and apps; as well as those who rate and write about them. This has left the non-tech business world in a fog.

According to Marketing Professor and Social Media Strategist Themelis Cuiper, “Social Media is not social… people are.” Return on Investment (ROI) is not the key factor, but rather Return on Action (ROA) is what he teaches his students and clients to expect from their so-media strategy. Damon Ladd-Thomas of Georgia Commerce Club on the other hand says, “It’s all about commerce.” He and his wife Tatyana founded the “only social chamber in Georgia.” With over 4 million monthly page views, they work to help their members actualize returns on their so-media investments. Whether you agree with ROI or ROA, there are tangible benefits to so-media when done well.


In order to have a successful business, operations, human resource, or client management plan you must have an effective Social Media Strategy. The companies that have earned my loyalty are those that care enough to interact with their customers.


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