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#mvillage [Reputation Economy]: Interview with @xinchung CEO #TrustCloud – Why should I use TrustCloud over other “similar” networks, what makes it different?

 – Interview by Berrie Pelser


TrustCloud is a big fan of “Data to the People” It’s true that Trust data is not perfect– Trust means different things to different people (context), so it can’t be easily boxed. We do our best ot create a useful, intuitive, and fair system for online citizens to own the success they’ve earned online, and use it anywhere


Some excerpts:


Why should I use TrustCloud over other “similar” networks, what makes it different?


TrustCloud is different from other networks because we address the problem of trust in peer marketplaces using a 3 layer approach: Verification, Behavior, Transaction. We focus on trust attributes that are help in making a p2p deciscion. Klout measures influence; endorsements by topic, measures expertise by topic, Zerply measures wide,, : still waiting for their products!


TrustCloud has ongoing research with Stanford University Sociology Department regarding the user of “transitive reputation/trustworthiness” that degrees of referrals give. We also have inhouse trust expert from Harvard, Mr. Charlie Greene who has 3 books and extensive knowledge on trust formula and metrics in business.


TrustCloud is a founding member of’s Trust Respect Network. We will be working with other companies in the Verification and Trust space to develop interoperable models of trust for an emerging federated identity ecosystem.



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Share your views and experiences on the topic of online Reputation. How important is reputation to you and how do you value to know about trust and comfort in online activities with friends, acquaintances, business prospects, …? How do you perceive improvements can be made?
What forms of Trust engagement measurement do you use?

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