[Social Innovation] (Asia): Social Innovation Award – Think Social! #ecoNable

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[Social Innovation] (Asia): Social Innovation Award – Think Social! #ecoNable


Social Enterprise + Innovation = Change!


To groom social entrepreneurship in Asia, building a culture of innovation is the key. The social issues in urban areas in Asia are getting more serious and alike. It’s worth our time to think about social innovation ideas together and share experience along the road.


The issues at stake / Resolutions sought:


1. Social Inclusion:
Marginal communities, including ethnic minorities, new immigrants, young offenders, mentally challenged, are omnipresent across Asian cities, but often overlooked by the general public. Various factors such as low income, racism, discrimination in employment, as well as lack of social support all existing obstacles to the inclusion of these communities in our society.
What creative solutions can you come up with to build a more inclusive society?


2. Aging Population:
Fast-greying economic regions in Asia are going to be confronted with the challenges of noteworthy aging population. Longevity and low birth rate are the main contributing factors of such phenomenon, and the elder dependency ratio in some cities is already above 20%.
To combat this inevitable situation, innovative ideas are needed.
What innovative ideas can you think of to help our society adapt to an aging environment?


3. Poverty:
The degree of urbanization and poverty in Asia varies across cities but it is clear that income disparity is deteriorating as evident from the high Gini Coefficient.
With the climbing inflation rate, access to basic necessities has become a challenging task for many. The income disparity also leads to a series of problems, including working poor; elderly poor; difficulties for ethnic minorities and marginal youth to find jobs; housing and food problems; and the complications for those suffering from intergenerational poverty to receive quality education.
What can be done to alleviate poverty from bottom up?



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