[Creativity]: I wonder … am I using the best of me… or… ! #ecoNable

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[Creativity]: I wonder … am I using the best of me… or… !  #ecoNable


Oliver Stone talks creativity:


Creativity is really a collision with an Other World, and it’s the energy you have in you to fill that new void so what is this creativity?
1. Imagination
2. Being alone – Voltaire said: “Cultivate your own garden.”
3. Fear
4. Imitation
5. Lies
6. Spiritual


‘the evidence of things unseen’


“You are born with nothing and to nothing you will go to, but in this brief flame of a lifetime, you must act again as if you were a child in a room with nothing to do. In that void you shall, with your scared mind and your tender raw heart, reach out and play .Just ‘let it go’. You’ll be surprised. There is nothing better than the surprise of your own mind.”

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