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The mutation process to the next human paradigm! #ecoNable #Econologics

Strive to Thrive!
Resilience Ain’t Enough!
– by Jean Russell

Breakthroughs, Experience, Field Building, Social Change by Jean Russell
It isn’t enough to repair the damage our progress has brought. The unintended consequences of our efforts to improve quality of life for humans has repercussions and requires action. Yes, and. It is also not enough to manage our risks and be more shock-resistant. Now is not only the time to course correct and be more resilient. It is a time to imagine what we can generate for the world. Not only can we work to minimize our footprint but we can also create positive handprints. It is time to strive for a world that thrives.

Thrivability transcends survival modes, sustainability, and resilience. Thrivability embraces flow as the sources of life and joy and meaning, adds to the flow and rides the waves, instead of trying to nullify the effects. Each layer includes and also transcends the previous layer, expanding both interconnections as well as expanding system awareness as each layer hits limits and discovers that more forces are at work than can be explained within their purview.


Note by ecoNVERGE:


We cannot just jump from Survival to Thriving – not on an individual, nor on a community or larger level – without understanding and experiencing the switch – getting out of survival mode – to sustainability, building resilience, promoting and living thrivability.
There is still a long way to go to reach a widespread experience of thriving.

Are you ready for a Thrivable perspective?
Thrivable is a solution-focused consulting network helping individuals and organizations to cultivate abundance by developing agility, creativity, and adaptability.

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