“know thyself” – Socrates

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– Melanie Hayden-Sparks


What you are meant to be, is defined by:

  • your purpose = who you are
  • your gifts = what you can
  • your passions = what you want


Most of us live our lives in various states of oblivion or denial with blinders on or blind spots.  Much like driving a vehicle, if you don’t pay attention to your blind spots, you can get into trouble.



The 10 Things You Should Know About Yourself!

1.    What motivates you?

2.    What distracts you or what do you avoid doing?

3.    What do you love to do?

4.    What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

5.    What are your values and beliefs?

6.    Who adds to your life? And what to they add?

7.    What are your fears? And why? What do you do to avoid dealing with it?

8.    What are you most grateful for and why?

9.    Are you making progress in the areas you want to improve?

10. What do you want your legacy to be?



Ask some of the people closest to you how they would answer these questions about you.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the answers, especially since most people see us better than how we see ourselves.


The passion test

Discover Your Passions and Create a Life That You Love!



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