Thriving Beyond Sustainability

[Thrivability]: Thriving Beyond Sustainability – the cultural paradigm change! #ecoNable #Econologics
– Andres Edwards

Leading the charge into a future of hope and possibility, exploratiion of the influence and teachings of indigenous cultures on our present society, Edwards focuses on what will make our Earth Island survivable for future generations.

the 3 “E’s” of sustainability:
– economics,
environmental consciousness, and
– equity – social justice

5 interrelated global trends that command our attention:
– ecosystem decline,
– energy transition,
population growth,
economic disparity, and
– climate change.



Review of Andres Edwards’ Thriving Beyond Sustainability – by Rick Medrick

SPIRALS: a new set of strategies, involving initiatives that are: Scalable, Place-making, Intergenerational, Resilient, Accessible, Life-affirming, and Self-care. The content of this volume explores these characteristics in detail under the context of striving for thrivability and not just sustainability.

This new concept, thrivability, focuses on a vision of collaboration and abundance where, instead of seeing ourselves separate from nature, we become an integral part of natural systems and embody qualities such as empathy, compassion, and creativity to guide our actions within the human community.


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