Distributed Capitalism through distributed collaborative knowledge!

Jeremy Rifkin on global issues and the future of our planet!

Jeremy Rifkin2

“This is not a financial crisis or a banks crisis or a deregulated market crisis … that are just the results of the real problem: the delusional debt-based culture of America is the underlying problem and has global impact on production, consumption and welfare. The American consumption behaviour may never come back as the 3rd industrial revolution is on life-support!”

We are going through 3 crises which are feeding from each other:

  • the economic meltdown
  • the energy crisis
  • the real-time impact of climate change: not being able to feed the world

“We may experience a potential demise of our species in 30, 40 years or within a century at the most … and we are really asleep, all across the world!”

Industrial revolutions have been marked through the combination of improvements in knowledge and technology in energy and enhanced means of communication.

We are at the stage where both components are ready for the 3rd industrial revolution:

  • distributed communication is available through all the new technology at the hands of almost everyone on earth
  • distributed energy is ready to withstand the energy crisis

“We continue to underestimate the speed of climate change, because we continue to mis-acknowledge the aftermath of what is happening today and that triggers the next stage. We have to radically change civilization!” – Jeremy Rifkin

The third industrial revolution has to be based on 4 pillars:

  1. the production of renewable energy
  2. the refurbishment of the buildings so that they are responsible for their own energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions
  3. energy storage to sudden failure of the power grid to prevent
  4. the distribution of energy through smart grids where each user becomes a supplier.

To make this 3rd industrial revolution happen, we need to take the burocratic red tape off, stop investing in stuck 2nd revolution industries and enable financial incentives which stimulate the direction.

“We need to move from geopolitics to biosphere politics, through global consciousness, involving and engaging true global humanity as we are all interdependent and connected, creating an emphatic civilization!” – Jeremy Rifkin


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