Building frames to face the challenges on our journey!


“Decide before you get seduced!” – Jennifer Sertl


Be open to new ways, away from your traditional thinking – thinking without the box enables you to establish alternative paths to overcome the challenges faced.


Jennifer Sertl interview part 1


Interview with Jennifer Sertl
Co-Author of “Strategy, Leadership and the Soul” and

Founder, President at Agility3R = Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection


Jennifer Sertl
Jennifer highlights: Our competitive advantage is not what we do or where we work but the accuracy with which we scan the macro (meta analysis) and the physical actions we (can) take as part of the shift.


note: the following is a review of the interview and does not always represent in full the wordings used in the conversations, sometimes providing a reflection of the thoughts expressed and anticipated.


Jennifer mentions Thomas Friedman‘s ‘The World is Flat!’ as the basis for her journey – so was mine, I just wished he had written it 10 years earlier
For those who have missed the past 8 years, we suggest to read this book or read it again – for young and old, students and parents, any generation. Thomas Friedman has established the roots and highlighted clear guidelines for how to become resilient with the changing times – back in 2005 (2nd edition).
He can be recognized as the Father of Thrivability

Thanks Michael L. Hartsell / Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation for Open Technology) for enabling and sharing the value in the message carried to your circle of connectedness!



Building frames to absorb the complexity!


Jennifer Sertl interview part 1

Existence is prior to essence: an environment impacts the behaviour of people and we should appreciate the strength in the ties we have in our connectedness, visible or invisible.
Collectively, individuals can make an impact for the whole!

Being attentive to the shifts taking place in our environment, means you can identify your place and role being part of the shift. Through your connectedness, one can be integral part of the shift in your environment – whether that is your immediate circle of connectedness, such as family, friends and colleagues, or local or even global.

To break the complexity of challenges faced, identify patterns (use your curiosity). Once you pass that stage you can leverage through design in frameworks to facilitate the change needed for self and your environment.

Challenging realities guides respect in a trusted environment.



How to behave in new style vs old style corporations!


Jennifer Sertl interview part 2

Businesses learn to cooperate together which creates a whole new dimension of possibilities, thinking and problem solving.

Along the way companies need to seek closer alignment to what matters and how decisions come about.

In new style companies, employees are no longer just part of the assigned function, but become project-based consultants in their expertise to the rest of the cross-functional team (avoiding the silo behaviour).

Collaboration within teams also becomes more borderless and drives the alertness to know when to lead and when to follow.


Remain or refocus on the original entrepreneurial spirit and visions is essential to remain creative at the forefront and keep or gain market share, potentially become a new trendsetter within the industry.



The economy – the expectations!


The end of growth as we knew it, is a fait-a-compli – we need to accept this and find ways to look at different ways of bringing value to our motivations to progress.

From the great disruption to the great distribution, we need to evolve from a source to a conduit, whereby we act as channels of information in which we are not an owner or expert, rather have the ability to distribute it – with potentially added or changed information relevant to own expertise and what is needed by the receiver. That approach stimulates the collaborative economy, in which we need to move away from individuality and individual contributors, focusing on the throughput, not just as individual contributors but as a collaborative effort, part of the whole process.

The biggest inhibitor / contributor to our success right now is nostalgia and enabling clustered knowledge through connecting people. Value comes forth from the collective US, our combined talents. Our collective thinking is the new ‘know’!



How to be a conduit, a connector!


Jennifer Sertl interview part 3

Knowledge convergence and knowledge clusters will lead to global innovation in ways that never happened before.

The issue of information overload is no longer an existing dilemma; rather filter failure is what is holding us up. What and how to filter through and to whom – the recipient. For this to function, corporations and people, teams, collaborative groups, … need to establishes their essential themes which drive their information adaptability, their processes activated and the decisions taken, ensuring no seduction from outside those set/agreed themes.

Decide before you get seduced!

The approach to impact behaviour by corporations to their markets (consumers) needs revision and taken away from the idea that marketing allows manipulating people consumption behaviour in which they buy what they don’t need, with money they don’t have, just because of anticipating greater happiness or satisfaction then what you have so far.

The seduction is all around us and we are impacted by our environment and the collective thinking and behaviour.

How many MBA’s does it take – who have the ability of systems thinking – to get us out of the financial crisis. Most of them are trumped in their own thinking, influenced – seduced – by the collective manifestation of the environment.


In conclusion

To be part of an environment where there is value creation in collaboration we can thrive as individuals and as humanity as a whole.




Jennifer Sertl (US) is a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness, where she uses the convergence of Neuroscience and Existential Philosophy fostering inspiration and subsequently creating strategic advantage and enhancing value. She is an internationally respected author, keynote speaker and the president and founder of Agility3R an organizational effectiveness company which primarily focuses upon the optimization of customer value by aligning corporate objectives with the individuals responsible for delivering results. 

Layne Hartsell (US) is a researcher in the philosophy of ethics and technology, and teaches and does research in health science/biomedicine. Current research covers nanotechnology for developing countries. He is a partner at the P2P Foundation’s Open Technology Transfer Group and Co-Founder of Seoul Global Study Group.


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  1. by Jennifer Sertl: What a gif you have done here Joris Claeys extracted the grain from the chaff. Thrilled that you found value here and appreciative that you took the nuggets that were the most meaningful and scaled them. Deeply touched and honored.