5 lessons learned from the 2 biggest fails in history

Add Curtain over Nokia – The end of an era!
5 lessons learned from the 2 biggest fails in history!
by Michel de Kemmeter

Well they are not too big to fail guys !

1. We all have to be on a 360° perception of “weak signals” – instead of following hypnotically the masses running into the grand canyon

2. We all should invest in people, in ourselves – instead of in consumer products or naive illusions like bonds in euro

3. We all should learn sustainable collaboration – instead of being afraid and egoistic

4. We all should be able to detect value where it is, and transform immaterial liabilities into value on higher levels – instead of hypnotically focusing on money.

5. We all should dare to follow our dream and develop our talent – instead of wasting your time and your employers moneyyour thoughts here… (optional)



The one missed the smartphone train, the tablet war, the reliable operating system game…   And I know from first hand that Bill Gates did NOT believe in the internet in 1992.

The other missed the smartphone train too, sitting on its ego, staffed like no other. How comes they couldn’t innovate with such a great team and so much resources ?

The one buys the other virtually bankrupt for over 5 billion…

Well they are not too big to fail guys !

Very smart new entrants are shocking their old rigid system, and guess what: they are also, like you, looking on short term to protect their assets, business, and probably are not going to be able to anticipate radical change in their sector (which is only beginning).

And you, are you anticipating or not ? Do you still naively believe in teletubbies and wonderland ? That euros and…

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