The Unbearable Lightness of Tactics

Daring to dream big and kill mediocrity and simplistic goals!
– by Peter Vander Auwera (PeterVan)

We should invite each other to reflect and be self-critical – not necessarily about our individual contributions and the corporate reactions to them – but about our collective company culture in general:
• Where do we want to stop or should we go the full way and really let others look into our soul?
• We should be disappointed if we only get buy-in on a tactical list and not on a bigger “story”, or better “narrative”, that withstands the signs of the time of being fashionable and “street-cred” without credibility

It is precisely that lack of depth, context and intention, looking for a higher ideal and potential, making something memorable and worthwhile, and even having the ambition of offering some moral compass that me and many others are deeply missing these days.
Daring to do complex things. Dare to do ambitious things.
The concept of eternal recurrence imposes a “heaviness” on our lives and on the decisions we make (to borrow from Nietzsche’s metaphor, it gives them “weight”). Nietzsche believed this heaviness could be either a tremendous burden or great benefit depending on the individual’s perspective.”
I feel I am on a crossroads of doing something with this only one life. Unshake the bag of heaviness.

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Picture from Tomorrowland Music Festival, Boom, Belgium, by

During the last summer, there was a sort of house-festival organized in the small village where I live. A sort of Tomorrowland, but then very small scale and for the local youth only.

The organization looked professional, I had been listening to the soundchecks during the hot summer afternoon, and I decided to check it out, very much aware that at any moment one of the millennials may ask “hey granddaddy, what are you doing here?” 😉 That did not happen. More interestingly, I started to wonder what inspired these young folks here.

Maybe the weather had something to do with it. After a hot summer day, a thunderstorm had transformed the ground into a muddy spectacle. The moisture was still very much in the air and in the clothes of people, and I could smell a sickening mix of boredom…

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