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Econological LATTICE Building



ecoNVERGE – inspire ● balance ● harmony

Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many! We are unlimited!
| Interactive Community & Econological Lattice (TEAL circles) platform
| INCISIVE Knowledge Converged – Econologically Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated!


Glocal reach – global-2-glocal motion
Thriving in the flow of Life!
Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!
We change the way we LIVE!
We change the way of LIFE!
Inspire people in harmony with the planet for balanced PROGRESS towards building THRIVING communities!

Promoting the 5P’s of sustainable thrivability!
People – Planet – Progress – Purpose – Passion


(Kathryn Ananda, Positive Handprints Foundation)
From shareholder to STAKEHOLDER Economics! From growth to PROGRESS!
An econological responsible and sustainable approach at life, environment & humanity!

ecoNVERGE and its teams of collaborators – whether engaged through community and/or corporate partnership – are inspired by econological lattice circles (TEAL) and principles of germane progressive economics. We realize this through transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances, in which people, their capacities & human values matter and are central to the approach.

We are passionately dedicated to converge incisive knowledge into sustainable disseminated solutions, through the practice of Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, improving our lives & work environment.

Engaging, investing, promoting, assimilating projects, communities & companies:

  • eco-Living, SMART Communities, Green Building & eco-Architecture
  • eco-Tourism & Adventure Travel, Entertainment, Leisure, Sports & Arts
  • Corporate & Public Sustainability Management, Social & Natural Capital
  • eV-mobility, SMARTgrid Infrastructure & RE-mix Optimization
  • Technology Advancements & Engineering
  • Enterprise CLOUD Integration, Big Data & Content Management
  • Practical realizations for the Semantic Web3.0.
  • Incisive Knowledge Management
  • Collaborative Supply chain Management
  • Event Management & Marketing Mix

Inspire, cultivate, facilitate & engage dynamic capacity and sustainable PROGRESS!

Strengthening, connecting, mobilizing and inspiring people, resources and tools to enhance leadership, innovation, community values, voice and power for a sustainable balance in social & economic life.

ecoNVERGE realizes KNOWLEDGE CONVERGENCE, through active participation in strategic partnerships and facilitates market entry and assimilation for companies entering the new econological model of harmonized balanced life and work.


Econological Lattice (TEAL Circles) Platform
for co-creation & co-realization

 – Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!
3rd party innovative partnerships and project development initiatives are not in this list

ecoNVERGE – inspire •  balance • harmony
CAPix ViVaTicA ecoNOVATE – ARTconnectsLIFE – ARTronomy
PORT[expertise] – port, marina & waterfront infrastructure development
eco.AHCIL – healthy vegetables, fruits & grains

  • Entrepreneurs & incubation coaching for the creativity sector (ecoNOVATE)
  • Intrapreneurs coaching & branding/strategy for corporations (CAPix)
  • Project Development, Idea-Tank, design & architecture (ViVaTicA)
  • Port, Marina & Waterfront Infrastructure Development (PORTexpertise)
  • Arts, design, creativity & gastronomy (ARTconnectsLIFE)


  • CAPix– expanding horizon
  • ViVaTicA– ideas for life – soul of life
  • ecoNOVATE– community driven innovation
  • ARTconnectsLIFE– art connects people, creativity connects life
  • ARTronomy– art & gastronomy touring, more than the traditional holiday
  • PORTexpertise– art connects people, creativity connects life
  • AHCIL– healthy vegetables, fruits & grains


Think, lead and act without the box!


“Use your smile to change the world.
Don’t let the world change your smile
From Shareholder to Stakeholder Economics!
An econological responsible and sustainable look at life, environment and humanity.”
 Joris g. Claeys 

We change the way we LIVE! – We change the way of LIFE!
Assimilate sustainable growth! Join our CoPs / Think-Tanks.
Be part of the CHANGE – PARTICIPATE your change!
ecoNVERGE   inspire ● balance ● harmony
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many!
Ideas for life! – Soul of life!


Interactive CoP bringing you closer to the flow of life

ecoNVERGE all


  • Soul of Life @eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!
    Harmonized Life & Work – SUSTAINABLE LIVING
    Enjoy a balanced lifestyle!
  • Ideas for Life @eco-sTrEAMs – innovative future in the make!
    Technological Evolution to Advance Life & Work Balance – EMPOWER INTELLIGENCE
    Buckle-up & enjoy the ride!
  • Inspire for Life @eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!
    Engage Dynamic Capacity & New Econological Models – ASSIMILATE KNOWLEDGE
    Advance our singular life in balance & harmony!
  • Innovation for life @ecoNOVATION – community based innovation!
    Bringing a new dimension in making communities & business human again!
    Promote SMEs, entre/intra-preneurship & cooperative communities!
  • Circle of Life @marketingVILLAGE – your world, our village!
    Social Media Marketing, Collaborative Community Management, Event Management & Marketing Mix RECOGNIZING the MARKETING MIX
    Inspiring the Connected Generation!
  • @econologics – sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life! (FB, LI, G+) – humane economics (germane progressive economics), human values and ecologically explored resources, maintaining balance between earth, people and progress
    Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!
  • Business Circle expanding your horizons through networking!
  • Entrepreneurs Circle – trust the magic of new beginnings!
  • knowledgEvolution – incisive knowledge converged! (WPblog)

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Be part of the CHANGE! – PARTICIPATE your change!
Inspire Innovation! – Embrace Change!



Realizing sustainable balance in our social & Economic circle of life!


Join the dialogue at our interactive CoP/think-tank around the mix of new socio-economic models & solutions, advanced technologies & balanced lifestyle.

An econological responsible & sustainable approach to life, environment & humanity!

Participate with a circle of people making a difference growing from surviving to sustainable development, from resilience building towards a thriving world in which humanity is inspired by & lives in balance & harmony with nature.

Promoting the 5P’s of sustainable thrivability!
People – Planet – Progress – Purpose – Passion

We share, brainstorm and exchange ideas and practices around  new economic models from around the globe, and explore opportunities for collaboration to establish both public and corporate sustainability, resiliency and thrivability.

The group aims to advocate change to our global-2-glocal environment – from our smallest circle of family, friends, acquaintances to the professional circles and circles of influence we develop in this connected world.


Learn from the changing world and share your change to the macro!
Learn how you can participate your contributive change at the micro!
Facilitating change through the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0
Assimilate sustainable progress! Join our CoPs / Think-Tanks.
Be part of the CHANGE! – PARTICIPATE your change!

Sustainable Balance in Our Social & Economic Circle of Life!


Knowledge Evolution – Incisive Knowledge Convergence

incisive-knowledge 4leafmodelsmall

= crossroads between Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, sustainable disseminated
= KM (Explicit + Tacit) + Intelligence with returned value

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: knowledge drives productivity growth
CONTENT = from information to knowledge
STORAGE = from chaos to structure
Re-USABILITY = from abstract to practical knowledge

  • EXPLICIT knowledge= information + knowledge
  • TACIT knowledge= explicit + use + practice + efficiency
    – Information = data + semantics
    – Knowledge = information + context
    – Know-how = knowledge + use
    – Experience = know-how + practice
    – Expertise = experience + efficiency
  • INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Explicit + Tacit knowledge
    Knowledge & Change Management bridged to Intellectual Capital Accounting. Process driven, customer focused.
  • INCISIVE KNOWLEDGEExplicit + Tacit + Intelligence Returned




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