A little thought – Enjoy the weekend! ツ from all of us at #ecoNVERGE

A little thought – Enjoy the weekend! from all of us at #ecoNVERGE


Special thanks to all of our members from our communities and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook

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and our followers on Twitter, Google+ and various blogs #knowledgEnabler and #knowledgEvolution 

Thanks all for the support endorsed in the past couple of months. It has been a steep growth and learning curve.


Thanks to Richard Blaquiere for his inspiration.


The ecoNVERGE team and group of companies.

A lattice organization structure of partnerships.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/econverge
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ecoNVERGE/info




CoP/Think-Tanks brought to you by ecoNVERGE®:

(to distinct between commercial initiatives and communities follow the Pages pre-ambled with “@”)

@ eco-ViVaCity – ecologically balanced living!
“Enjoy balanced lifestyle!”


@ eco-sTrEAMs – innovative future in the make!
“Buckle-up & enjoy the ride!”


@ eco-Nable – facilitate sustainable growth!
“Advance our singular life in balance & harmony!”


@ marketingVILLAGE™ – your world, our village!
“Inspiring the Connected Generation!”


@ ecoNVERGE – Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain SOLUTIONS!
ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!” (LinkedIn Groups)


@ ECONOLOGICS – Incisive Knowledge Converged!
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many! WE are Unlimited! (Facebook Groups)



ecoNVERGE® Projects & Initiatives:

– 111 WhereLife’s@ – green art, styling & fashion (a ViVaTicA creation)
– Fruit4Thought® – Passion for Fruit! Fruit with Passion! (a ViVaTicA creation)
– ECO.market – ecological products and services to market (a ViVaTicA & marketingVILLAGE creation)
– DSEU Belgium – Social Marketing for Europe’s SMEs (Partner with Digital Sunrise Europe Initiative)



ecoNVERGE® Innovation Partner & Joint Ventures:

– PORT[expertise] – Managing Port, Maritime & Industrial Infrastructure Logistics & Total ValueChain Solutions (a CAPix-Asia Partner)

– s-Technology / cad-dienstleistungen – your experts for 2D, 3D CAD design! (a CAPix-Asia Partner)
– BLOC Inc. & B³ Corp. – Prefab Design & Construction, ModularImpermanent Building System. (a ViVaTicA Partner)



ecoNVERGE® (Community) Partnerships:

 Paradise Travel & Tours – Travel, Resorts & eco-Tourism (a ViVaTicA Partner)

– Paradise Harley Tours – Pure Harley Experience in Asia – Sight-seeing & eco-Adventure (a ViVaTicA Partner)
– PHILIPP INNO – BLOC Icon – Architechnopreneur – Creative Design and Business Innovations Consultancy (a ViVaTicA Partner)
– Saskia Claeys Photography – Logo Development & Branding (an ecoNVERGE, ViVaTicA & MV Partner)
– Photographed by JUN REYNALES – Photographer, photojournalist (a ViVaTicA & MV Partner)

– Sol Fil – Solar Ovens & More for Ecological Cooking! (a Marketing Village Partner)

– Le VISION – Exclusive Event Management (a Marketing Village Partner)




Inspire, cultivate, assimilate, facilitate & engage dynamic capacity and sustainable growth!

Strengthening, connecting, mobilizing and inspiring people, resources and tools to enhance leadership, innovation, community values, voice and power for a sustainable balance in social & economic life.


We change the way we LIVE! – We change the way of LIFE!
Assimilate sustainable growth! Join our CoPs / Think-Tanks.
Be part of the CHANGE! – PARTICIPATE your change!



Inspire ● Harmony ● Balance 
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many! WE are Unlimited! 
| Interactive Community Building & Econological Lattice Building
INCISIVE Knowledge Converged© – Ecologically Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated.

Realizing Sustainable Balance in Our Social and Economic Circle of Life! – WE are Unlimited!