ecoNVERGE® wishes you an energizing 2013 and a progressive future for all!

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This year has been full of great accomplishment, new ventures, surprises, sacrifices and happiness.
During this season of celebration and for the coming new year I wish you, your family and your connected circles a better and sustainable year for our surroundings and future generations,
where all your goals become achievable with an amazing lasting happiness.
Take this Holidays Season to renew, re-energize and regenerate your ideas and goals.

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Together with ecoNVERGE® we wish for an energizing 2013 and a progressive future for all!
Inspire ● Harmony ● Balance
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many!
Realizing Sustainable Balance in Our Social and Economic Circle of Life!
WE are Unlimited!

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“Use your smile to change the world.
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Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many! WE are Unlimited!
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Inspire ● Harmony ● Balance
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many!

Transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances.
Realizing Sustainable Balance in Our Social and Economic Circle of Life!
– WE are Unlimited!

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[Money & Power]: We, the Sheeple vs. the Banksters – A Call to Action! #ecoNable #Econologics #ecoNVERGE

“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”Thomas Jefferson

The economic crisis happening in the world today has been meticulously engineered over decades to serve a few at the expense of the many!
– by Lauren Tratar

The Solution from WE, the Sheeple, to WE, the Empowered People!




The reality we experience can be compared to an onion. What we perceive as our current reality lies on the surface of the onion and from this perspective we interpret events/experiences, form opinions and draw conclusions from the knowledge available to us. However, when you begin to peel back the layers of this onion you discover that additional crucial knowledge exists which allows a more expansive perspective from which to form more accurate conclusions and therefore, solutions to the challenges we now face.

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People VS. the Banks.”Lord Acton (1834 – 1902)

The charter for the Federal Reserve Bank expires in December of 2012 and requires a majority of our legislators in order to be re-chartered. That is why this thesis is timely. We, the People must prevent this from happening.

The Banksters would like you to think that this is simply another “conspiracy theory” presented by some wacko. And your natural tendency might assume that to be true and dismiss it as such. However, if you have been personally affected by the Great Recession, if you have lost your home to foreclosure, if you have lost your retirement fund, if this Recession has impacted your life circumstances, you will have a greater desire to uncover the root cause underlying this deception – a scheme so pervasive it makes Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme look like kindergarten play.


When we attempt to resolve a problem, we have two options:

1. employ our old method of solving problems through force and power which will invariably lead to a repetition of that cycle with increasing intensity until we learn that this methodology is ineffective.

2. demand that we examine our past, acknowledge which strategies did not provide long-lasting solutions, get out of our ‘box’ and seek a new solution. Einstein has revealed that our solutions lie at the next level of awareness – thus driving the evolution of consciousness.

The Banksters incite fear, uncertainty, doubt and terror as a means of controlling We, the Sheeple. Is there really only bad news? Of course not. There is far more that is ‘right’ in this world than there is ‘wrong.’ But you’d never know it if you watched the news. The Banksters intentionally steer our thinking of what is right, what is wrong, who is good, who is bad and then manipulates that information to serve their agenda. Fear and terror is spread through Media, which are owned by the Banksters; the “Puppet Masters.”Now that you realize that We, the Sheeple have been duped, let’s examine the fraudulent national debt and how it came
to fruition so you have a better idea of the events unfolding in the world today.


The Solution from WE, the Sheeple, to WE, the Empowered People:

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for people to cut themselves off from systems which are denying them a proper and fair share of the world they have been born in and is their inherited right, in order to claim an equal portion in the earth and an equal right in the gifts of nature and of the sharing Spirit of Life, they should declare what has led them to this decision so that any who agree in a fairer way can join them.


Participate your change!

How do you believe you can contribute to better world?
Do you agree with the findings and principles brought forward by Lauren Tratar?
What do you believe are our options and what should we effectively contribute to make the change happen?

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Inspire ● Harmony ● Balance 
Inspire one – 1x = X1 – motivate many! 
WE are Unlimited! 

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Transformational Changes in Social Values, Resource Needs & Technological Advances.
Realizing Sustainable Balance in Our Social and Economic Circle of Life

We change the way we LIVE! – We change the way of LIFE!
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