Thriving Beyond Sustainability

[Thrivability]: Thriving Beyond Sustainability – the cultural paradigm change! #ecoNable #Econologics
– Andres Edwards

Leading the charge into a future of hope and possibility, exploratiion of the influence and teachings of indigenous cultures on our present society, Edwards focuses on what will make our Earth Island survivable for future generations.

the 3 “E’s” of sustainability:
– economics,
environmental consciousness, and
– equity – social justice

5 interrelated global trends that command our attention:
– ecosystem decline,
– energy transition,
population growth,
economic disparity, and
– climate change.



Review of Andres Edwards’ Thriving Beyond Sustainability – by Rick Medrick

SPIRALS: a new set of strategies, involving initiatives that are: Scalable, Place-making, Intergenerational, Resilient, Accessible, Life-affirming, and Self-care. The content of this volume explores these characteristics in detail under the context of striving for thrivability and not just sustainability.

This new concept, thrivability, focuses on a vision of collaboration and abundance where, instead of seeing ourselves separate from nature, we become an integral part of natural systems and embody qualities such as empathy, compassion, and creativity to guide our actions within the human community.

Principles towards a New Economy that Sustains People and the Planet!

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1. Measuring Progress: Economic progress shall be measured in terms of the well-being of all human societies, other living species, and ecosystems.

2. Respecting Natural Limits: The economy shall draw from, and inject into, ecosystems only what is compatible with maintaining a healthy and resilient natural world over the long run.

3. Democratizing the economy: All institutions that manage, regulate and execute economic activity, including private corporations, shall be democratically controlled by all affected stakeholders in order to serve long-term societal goals.

4. Ensuring economic progress: Governments, on their own and in conjunction with private markets, shall work to ensure prosperous and resilient economic outcomes by making adequate investments in health, education, nutrition, shelter, physical infrastructure, and technology.

5. Localizing control: Economic policy shall favour subsidiarity, i.e. the localization of economic decision-making and control to the greatest extent possible consistent with democracy, equity, efficiency, and resilience.

6. Taming finance: All monetary systems and financial institutions shall be regulated as essential public utilities for the benefit of society as a whole, and for nurturing the “real” economy.

7. enhancing fairness: Significant economic inequality shall be understood to be inherently and profoundly antithetical to achieving human and ecological well-being, and shall be rapidly reduced.

8. Providing fulfilling livelihoods: Individuals shall be ensured of substantial opportunities for decent paid work, employee ownership, and the right to organize in the workplace, and shall be accorded proper recognition for work performed outside the formal wage economy owing to its fundamental role in enriching  community and family well-being.

9. Fostering new values: Economic values shall be redirected, by all fair and reasonable means, away from excessive materialism  and shifted toward values that prioritize flourishing communities, individual happiness, and a healthy and resilient natural world based on lower material flows.

10. Redefining Globalization: International economic relations shall rest upon the same principles enumerated above that apply to economic activities within nations, such that economic justice also becomes embedded in such relations.

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