[Economic & Social Reform]: The Big Shift: Challenge and Opportunity for Women! #ecoNVERGE #ecoNable #ecoViVaCity #ecosTrEAMs

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[Economic & Social Reform]: The Big Shift: Challenge and Opportunity for Women! #ecoNVERGE #ecoNable #ecoViVaCity #ecosTrEAMs
– John Hagel, Deloitte Center of the Edge at TEDxBayArea Women

While advanced technology (ICT in particular) will continue to improve our lives, but at the same time the industry is continuing to face a collapse and sustained erosion of Return on Assets. John clearly identifies this as a global phenomena. This indicates a clear motivation and need to innovation, but at the same time there is no reward for those involved to remain the commitment in any respect.

So what John Hagel suggests:

“The future of business belongs to the feminine archetype. Those that adopt the feminine archetype, male or female, are going to be the ones to create that wealth and enjoy the success of this new world.” A business model based on the feminine archetype is about relationships, not transactions. According to Hagel, the masculine archetype that dominated 20th century business was strictly competitive, not collaborative, and a zero-sum game. The masculine projects a strong image at all costs. In contrast, the feminine allows for emotion, intuition, and vulnerability. Hagel says it is not possible to establish trust without allowing for this vulnerability. The result is greater knowledge flows and an environment where more people can participate. With this “big shift”, our world becomes a smaller, more connected place–a global phenomenon for more wealth.

Note by ecoNVERGE:

We fully underwrite this viewpoint and like to extend to social, political and financial models as part of the New Socio-Poli-Economic model we are seeking!

John Hagel clearly indicates that we need a fundamental shift in mindset related to competition and ownership of knowledge. The resolution is to participate in enriching knowledge flows with our own tacit knowledge through open but trusted environment, scaled to a massive scale. The current masculine archetype does not enable such shift in knowledge sharing.

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