Overview of new economic models by Michel de Kemmeter from S-Economy – UHDR Universecity UniverseCity

An overview of the economic models under development, in testing mode, in practice or in its idea phase. An evolving list updated by Michel de Kemmeter from UHDR UniverseCity on what these models represent, why they are new, where it started, where they add value and which issues it tempts to resolve. Together with reference sites and key indicators.

What the f..k is new economy ?

What the f..k is new economy ? – click for full article


  1. Market-based debt economy
  2. Circular economy
  3. Knowledge economy
  4. Social entrepreneurship – social economy
  5. Informal complementary economy and local barter
    – Complementary economies
    – With complementary currencies
    – Black market
    – Volunteer work
    – Barter
  6. Gift Econom
  7. Performance or Functional Service econom
  8. Sustainable Development or Green Economy
  9. Blue Economy
  10. Sharing Economy, collaborative economy, collaborative consumtion or coöperation capitalism
  11. Swarm Economy
  12. Asset-based Economy
  13. Transition Economy
  14. Long Tail Economy
  15. Co-operation Economy
  16. Agorism, Counter-Economics, Economic secession
  17. Ethical Economy
  18. Quantum economics
  19. Purple Economy
  20. S-Economy economical paradigm where 2 aspects are crossed: the notion of ecosystem of stakeholders (instead of linear models), and the notion of value balance sheets on 7 levels (instead of only one value measuring balance sheet: 7D-Value algorythm)
  21. ecoNVERGE/@Econologics Econological Lattice Model & Germane Progressive Economics

Other initiatives of change:

  • Breakthrough Capitalism
  • Prosperous Communities
  • Impact Investing
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Hyperconnectivity
  • Alternative measures of success
  • Alternative financing
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • B-Corporations & B-Business

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