[Education]: Do Schools Kill Creativity? #ecoNable #ecoViVaCity #Econologics

The dominant systems of education are based on three “assumptions” that are exactly opposite to how human lives are actually lived.
~ Ken Robinson

1) they promote standardization and a narrow view of intelligence when human talents are diverse and personal.
2) they promote compliance when cultural progress and achievement depend on the cultivation of imagination and creativity.
3) they are linear and rigid when the course of each human life, including yours, is organic and largely unpredictable.

Art of learning




“People and organizations everywhere can see that current systems of education are failing to meet the challenges we now all face and they’re working furiously to create alternatives.”Sir Ken Andy Robinson

These are definitely the relevant basics of where our generation is failing to deal with resilience in our current society – political, social and economical. These principals need urgent change in our education of the young and future generations, to overcome our defects on dealing with and avoiding the chaos we have created in our world.


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[Incisive Knowledge]: From Information to Understanding: Moving Beyond Search In The Age Of Siri

Has artificial intelligence finally come of age? And is it ready for broader applications in industries ranging from travel to finance? Are we destined to grapple with fast-following Siri clone after Siri clone, or will the category evolve?

Siri excels at setting reminders (and a little less so at ordering Scottish lunches). But is she ultimately more than a better front-end for basic smartphone functions?

This post is about changing how we use computers to manage knowledge, and not just information.

We want a VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) that understands us as individuals — that leverages our past for our present. A VPA has deep domain knowledge, and can finally move us beyond a big list of blue links. Software really can provide us with real and expert assistance when and where we need it most.

What we’re seeing is a paradigm shift on multiple levels, one that will play out more profoundly over the coming year than it did the last. We’re on the cusp of an entirely new thing:

Managing info => Managing knowledge
Matching keywords => Matching concepts
Serving “searches” => Serving “actionable intents”
At the end of the day, what people really want is to be…understood. That starts with a conversation, and it gets better when that conversation begets a real relationship — one based on mutual respect, a shared language, and a certain intimacy.

SIRI: Knowledge = Information +Meaning
= crossroads between Knowledge Management, Change Facilitation & Innovation, sustainable disseminated
= KM (Explicit + Tacit) + Intelligence with Returned Value.